There are three different ways to join ALTE:

1. ALTE Individual Affiliates 

Join ALTE as an Individual Affiliate and receive regular information about our courses and events. Becoming an ALTE Individual Affiliate is free of charge, and anyone with an interest in language testing can apply.

You will receive news from ALTE about its events and activities, as well as news from carefully selected other relevant activities from third parties. By completing this information and registering you agree that the information you provide will be stored by ALTE in its internal systems based in the United Kingdom as well as the WildApricot Membership software based in Canada that we use. All data will be kept secure and only used to process your application and to send you emails from ALTE. ALTE will never pass your details on to any third party without your additional consent.

You may unsubscribe at any time by writing to


Apply to become an ALTE Individual Affiliate

Applications are reviewed every few weeks. You will be notified once your application has been accepted. 

2. ALTE Associate Members

ALTE Associate Members are organisations with an interest and active involvement in language testing. They are not full members, and the quality of their tests cannot be guaranteed. However, they aspire to meet high standards of quality in language assessment. 

For more information and to proceed with an application to become an Associate Members, please read this page to familiarize yourself with the procedure, requirements and obligations.

Being an ALTE Associate Member is one of the pre-requisites to apply for ALTE Full Member status. 

3. ALTE Full Members

In order to become an ALTE Full Member, institutions must produce language tests in an official language of the country where the institution is established. This includes both spoken and sign languages. 

Before becoming an ALTE Full Member, organisations need to first become ALTE Associate Members and pass an ALTE audit of at least one of their examinations. ALTE Full Members are also expected to attend meetings and conferences regularly, and to contribute actively to the life of the association (delivering presentations, hosting events, etc.).

Please visit this page for more detailed information about the overall procedure to become an ALTE Full Member. 
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