Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) SIG


Carmen Peresich and Annabelle Pinnington

Open to: 

Anyone with an interest in the use of the CEFR.

Next Meeting: 

Date TBC

Check the Events page for more information on this event.

CEFR Members are currently working on: 

Developing  a series of practical guides for test developers to incorporate the CEFR into their assessment methodology

Our Focus:

The CEFR SIG investigates and discusses real-world CEFR use. We offer a platform for test developers and researchers to explore and deepen their understanding of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and to discuss their ideas with peers. Currently we are focusing on the latest version of the Companion Volume to the CEFR (2020) and its implications for assessment practices. We aim to develop a series of straightforward guides on different aspects of the assessment cycle and how to incorporate guidance from the CEFR into practice.

Our News:

The most recent research by the CEFR SIG was just published in Language Assessment Quarterly: Deygers, B., Zeidler, B., Vilcu, D., & Carlsen, C. H. (2017). One Framework to Unite Them All? The use of the CEFR in European University Entrance Policies. 

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